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Cheap 50mm Lens For Canon – Super Lens at a Super Price

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Finding a good cheap 50mm lens for Canon DSLR cameras has been the quest of many a photographer.Every SLR camera owner must have a 50mm lens. This premise still is the belief of many photographers who have been around the photo industry for a long time. Truth is that with the advent of so many zoom lenses, a 50mm lens is not so much the norm any longer.However, when you consider the quality of images that are produced with prime lenses verses zoom lenses, the prime lenses win almost every time.Canon has developed the technology of the 50mm lens to a point where it really should be a “standard” in every photographer’s kit.Think about it. There is no need for additional technology to deal with the effects of focal length changes in a single focal length, or prime, lens. Thus, the already great 50mm lens just gets better as glass quality improves.

There are three versions of the 50mm Canon lens.
50mm f/1.2 L – expensive but fantastic (it’s an L lens)
50mm f/1.4 – medium price and fantastic
50mm f/1.8 – cheap but fantasticThey look pretty much the same in a list. The differences are in build quality and aperture. The first two on the list are more solidly built and have more lens glass than the third one. But that does not mean the quality is a whole lot different. It isn’t. Especially to someone who views your images with a “normal eye” (that is someone who is not trained to look for imperfect pixels).Canon has essentially taken the great technology and used some less expensive “wrapping” in the form of plastic casing to make the 50mm f/1.8 lens really affordable for virtually every Canon DSLR owner.Aside from producing really good images, this cheap 50mm lens for Canon cameras has another really distinct advantage for photographers who are just entering the digital SLR market with cameras such as the Rebel or the newest mid-range 60D model. Since those types of cameras have a “crop sensor”, the image is more like one shot with an 80mm lens (this is 1.6 x 50mm), which makes this lens perfect for portraits and other mid-range focal length requirements.

Here’s the issue. If you purchase any zoom lens in the $100 price range, you will definitely be getting a consumer grade product with less than stellar image quality. If you purchase the cheap 50mm Canon lens, you will be getting top of the line image quality.Yes, the build quality of the lens is a bit “toyish” in feel, but the output is nothing less than great.If you take care of this little lens, you will have fantastic photos for a long time.


Written by masonmorgan20

October 10, 2016 at 8:55 pm

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